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Israel Koschitzky zt"l
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 שיעורים בעברית


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שיעורים בעברית
Ki Mitzion Teitze Torah
Welcome to KMTT

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KMTT is a daily Torah Podcast, from Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel

Every day, five days a week, one 30-40 minute shiur will be sent. The MP3 file can be played on your computer or transfered to your portable MP3 playing device.

Who is it for?

Do you spend 45 minutes in the morning on the road or public transporation?
Why not utilize that time to hear a first-class Torah shiur?

Do you exercise or jog? Connect your earphones to the KMTT podcast!

 Have an hour for lunch at the office with a computer in front of you. Listen and learn.

Read the tutorial to your right to learn how to receive podcasts.

The Schedule (Winter 5771 - I )

        Rav Binyamin Tabory

    19th Century Responsa

        Rav Alex Israel

    Parashat HaShavua

       Rav Yair Kahn

    Mezuza and Tefillin

       Rav Ezra Bick

    Issues in Torah and Theology

         Erev Shabbat program

Questions, Comments, Help

   Tutorial - how to get podcasts
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    • What is podcasting?

      Podcasting allows you to receive pre-recorded audio programs on your computer or MP3 player (like an iPod) automatically. You "subscribe" (for free) to the feeds you want, KMTT for instance. Your podcasting software will check periodically for any new audio files that become available and download those files to your computer—or directly to your audio player if you prefer. You can then carry hours of audio programming to help you through your commute, your work-out, or your downtime.

      (NOTE: Podcasting is most effective for broadband, or high-speed, Internet connections. You can get the KMTT feed on a dial-up connections, but it will take much longer to download. The average KMTT program is 9M, which will take 30-45 minutes to download with a 56k modem.)

      Here's a step-by-step guide:

    • Step 1: Download the Podcasting Software

      If you want to save the shiur on your computer, or transfer it to a MP3 player, you need a podcast client program.

      If you already use Apple's free iTunes software (for Windows or Mac, Version 4.9 or later), it will also serve as a podcast program. If you own an iPod, this is the best option, as iTunes will also automatically move your KMTT podcast to your iPod.

      Alternatively, the first mainstream podcast program still works well, and it's also free. It's called Juice (formerly iPodder), and you can download Windows and Mac versions here.

      Other possibilities: If you only plan to listen to the KMTT podcast on your computer and not transfer it to a portable MP3 device the simplest way to listen is by downloading the VBM toolbar (for Internet Explorer or Firefox) from (Win 2000 or XP). It includes a built-in radio receiver for KMTT shiurim.

      You can also download or listen to the latest KMTT shiurim on the KMTT blog

      You can also subscribe and listen to the shiur at one of the podcast subscription services:
      PodcastPickle | Yahoo | Podnova or

    • Step 2: Subscribe
      After you have a podcast client, you need to paste in the address for KMTT.

      The URL is:

      In iTunes, just type KMTT in the search box, and then click on subscribe when it finds the KMTT podcast. Or, open the "Subscribe to Podcast" section of the "Advanced" menu, and paste in the above feed URL.
      In the Juice software, paste the URL into the window that pops up when you click "Add new feed" (here's a screenshot). Then just tell the software how often you want it to check for new shows and where to put them, and you're ready to go. The KMTT will be downloaded automatically. In JUICE, you can have the file transferred to be played by iTunes or Windows Media Player, if you want.

    • Step 3: Transfering to an MP3 player
      To take the shiur with you, you have to move it to your MP3 player.  You can simply drag or copy the file. Or - iTunes will do this automatically for an iPod, if you tell it to do so.

      Windows Media Player 10 will do the same for any MP3 player, with a bit of simple hacking. Read this article to see how. (Make sure to read both pages)

      If it is not automatic, just copy the file manually

    • Step 4: Listen to the shiur
      Take the shiur with you and listen any time you want. The simplest way is with earphones, but - do not use headphones over both ears while driving.

      If you want to listen over external speakers, there are a few ways.

      1. Some newer car radios play MP3 files as well, using a USB port.
      2. Some cars have external imput jacks on the outside of radio. Just plug in your player and listen over the car speaker system.
      3. If you have a cassette player, you can buy a cassette adapter, which will allow you to plug any external system into your car speakers. Cost is $10-20.
      4. Or, you can buy a FM modulator, which can transmit your MP3 file to an unused FM station. It usually costs $20-30.
        See this article for more instructions how to hear your MP3s on your car speakers
      5. Or - you can listen with the earphone.

      And after you've given the KMTT podcast a try, send your thoughts or comments to

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